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Our 10 favourite projects
Our 10 chosen clients

  • Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property
  • We have a long-term successful cooperation with the Institute on several projects, the most valuable being related to customers' support, organizational process management and support of internal systems.
    Our strong advantage is the quality of our work and the attention to every detail.

  • All Channels Communication (All Channels | Interaction, All Channels | Advertising, All Channels | PR)
  • Collaboration between I-nature and the All Channels agency started in 2008 and gradually developed into a strong partnership. During this period we did have very successful co-projects for some of the leading companies in Bulgaria such as Microsoft (technology), Mobiltel (telecommunications), Postbank (banking), Bella Bulgaria (food industry), Nestle (food industry), EKO (gas stations), AVON (cosmetics) etc. Most of the projects are short-term promotions, but services such as press clipping are also valuable.
    Our strong advantage is the reliability of our software products and the short deadlines achieved.

  • Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria
  • We have a successful collaboration on an annual donor campaign.
    Our aim is to meet all client's requirements and to pay attention to each detail.

  • Bulgarian Air Charter
  • For this client we have developed a very sophisticated aircraft managing and planning system. It has been implemented since 2007. We provide a continuous system's support and extension.
    We do our best to satisfy the client's requests with constant quality and acceptable terms.

  • Cargo Air
  • The aircraft planning system has been in use since 2009.
    Meeting all client's requirements in due terms with high quality support is essential for us.

  • Colliers Bulgaria
  • We have a successful long-term relationship for the support of real-estate web projects.

  • Traventuria
  • We are working together on several web-based projects in the field of tourism.

  • Working together and through NGOs (like PDJS) we have developed various projects which refer mostly to the Bulgarian judicial system.

  • Sofia Regional Court
  • This is the biggest court institution in Bulgaria.

  • smashbeat.com
  • More than 20 co-webprojects.
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